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MGCParanormal is on a mission to help expose the unseen history, still residing in and around our great historical locations, along the beautiful Gulf Coast. We are currently working on a project to help bring paranormal tourism to our area. If you know of any historical site--or a business in a historical building--that would like to be involved in this book project, bring the information with you to any of our meet & greets listed below on this page! We would love to go into more detail at one of these events.

What do we mean by "business"? It can be historical sites, parks, B&B's, hotels, inns, bars, theaters, Moonshine history, urban legends, shops, and more.

The only restrictions are that the site must be available to the public, deemed a historical site or housed in an archeologically historical building, and have ties to the paranormal. It can be an actual haunting, or a unique or interesting story involving a historical event from the past that is associated with the site.

Check below for our upcoming projects & events. Listed below are the dates and locations for our upcoming meet & greets. Or contact us directly from our website via our
inquiry link or phone number listed on the main page.

Below is a list of paranormal events being held by our group. Please join us and share in all the spooktacular fun.