There are different types of hauntings that occur at different places and for different reasons. Here is a list of some of the different types:


In residual hauntings there may not be an actual spirit. The common theory is that a residual haunting is an image or impression or even an event that is stuck here replaying it's self over and over. A residual haunt is thought to be here due to tragic events or circumstances. Residual haunts are not intelligent so they don't seem to notice anyone or anything going on around them. It's almost like the spirit in a residual haunt has a one track mind and keeps going back or repeating it's self like a broken record. Some believe that these type hauntings cannot be encouraged to leave because it is an impression and not intelligent.


In the case of intelligent hauntings, well they are in fact intelligent. It seems as if this spirit/ghost is aware of their surroundings as much as you and I are. An intelligent haunting can interact with people and objects in the "physical world". Intelligent hauntings can move objects and even try to communicate with the living.


Poltergeist is a German word meaning noisy ghost/spirit. A poltergeist has many of the same characteristics of an intelligent haunt. However it is very different in a lot of ways. Poltergeists seem to be most commonly young girls in their teenage years. In some cases can affect others as well. Usually a poltergeist is someone with emotional problems or someone dealing with a lot of stress. Poltergeist can move objects with ease and are believed to be able to use human energy in their benefit.


Demonic hauntings usually follow a pattern. If children are involved usually they will see and hear things first followed by the adults. Pets seem to go crazy and act as if they see something as well. Heavy air, strong nasty smells and foul odors are also common when dealing with demonic spirits. A demonic haunting may first appear to be a nice non-threatening spirit but things can change quickly. They can turn nasty....fast! People will experience scratches and bodily harm. In some cases people will come down with sudden mysterious illnesses. Demonic hauntings can move big heavy objects and are far more dangerous than any other haunting. In the case of a demonic haunting spiritual help is needed. Demons are always bad!!!!! Demons are very responsive when it comes to Holy words or Biblical names. Demonic activity seems to peak around the 3:00AM hour. If you think that you may be dealing with demonic activity please contact us or get help from somewhere quick!!!! 

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