• Undisclosed Outdoor Location - Child EVP 20:22

  • Beauvoir Cemetery - EVP little boy0:15

The video and audio clips below are some of the paranormal evidence we have found during our investigations. All evidence listed on this site has been approved for public distribution by our clients. We will only post evidence once, and if, we get approval from the client.

  • Undisclosed location BSL - EVP0:19

Audio Evidence

  • Bigfoot investigation - Loud bang0:24

Video Evidence

  • Beauvoir Gardens - Little girl0:21

  • Beauvoir - EVP Male responds to quesion0:36

  • Undisclosed location BSL - Female EVP0:17

  • Undisclosed Outdoor Location - Female EVP0:11

  • Undisclosed Location- EVP0:08

  • Beauvoir Cemetery - EVP0:17

  • Beauvoir- Jefferson Davis' Bedroom EVP0:10

  • Undisclosed Outdoor Location - Male EVP0:21

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  • Undisclosed Outdoor Location - Child EVP0:22

  • Bigfoot investigation - Water walking0:13

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