Book Thongs

​We have an assortment of feathers, in lengths of 8” to 12”, each latigo wrapped. They are turkey feathers and peacock wing feathers, both of which are purported to carry metaphysical meaning.

White Sage

Below are some examples of what we have to offer.

These kits consist of a single quick light charcoal tablet, and a few sage leaves. Great for Paranormal Investigators and other practitioners to keep on hand to use when a situation calls for a quick smudging or blessing. These can be left with clients for an added sense of comfort. PLEASE USE AND PROMOTE FIRE SAFETY PRACTICES WITH EMERGENCY SAGE SMUDGE KITS! *discounted bulk orders are available.* Please email us for more information at

For those who simply require the basics! It consists of a LARGE California white sage smudge stick (8-9 inches), and a latigo wrapped dispersing feather.

*Note--ink pen is for size comparison only. It is not included*

Blessing Dolls

Each doll comes with a description of its purpose.

LARGE 8”- 9” California white sage bundle! Used for cleansing homes, businesses, and personal cleansings and blessings. Sold singly, or in multiples.

*Expedited shipping extra--Please email us at*

**Ink pen is for size comparison only--it is not included**

Here is a complete sage blessing kit! It includes a LARGE California white sage smudge stick (8-9 inch), a 5-6 inch abalone shell ash catcher, latigo wrapped feather to disperse sage smoke, and a cobra stand carved from a single piece of wood to rest shell on when not in use. A set of simple instructions for cleansing/blessing a house is included, as well as instructions for a simple personal cleansing and blessing. Everything comes in a decorative heavy gauge cardboard box for convenient transportation and storage.

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As a means to help pay for Batteries, Fuel, New Equipment, etc., we do offer items for sale.

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Dispersing Feathers

Blessing Kits

Created and Blessed by Reverend Lady Lois, member of MGCParanormal, Priestess and Practitioner of Magick, and Mystical Arts. Each doll is entirely hand made in the primitive elemental Voodoo tradition.Using naturally collected oak and soft woods to achieve masculine/feminine balance, moss gathered over running water, white tied 'heart' (to discourage negative use,) it was finished with red yarn symbolizing the blood of life and tied in the appropriate number of knots. Dressed in the color corresponding to the day and its intent, it wears hand-drawn veves (pronounced vay-vays) appropriate for its use.

All dolls are then blessed with incense, smudged with sage smoke, and invoked to power by chant and calling the Spirits of the Four Elements.

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Show your support of and never lose your place while reading again! These make unique gifts. Mixed assortment of decorative “finishes” from Swarovski crystal charm, to silver, brass, or copper colored skull, to glass bead, to more, and every one of them is handmade. Will try to honor requests as closely as possible, but these tend sell out quickly. Please get your order in early! New “finishes” added often!*

                  **Special order FeatherFans**

Please email us your requests. We can give you an estimate of cost. Please keep in mind Special Orders require additional time to make and ship. Your estimate will include shipping and handling.