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   The South, Steeped in a rich history of development and controversy.

   In every city & community can be found the unexplained, the paranormal. From plantations to factories can be told countless tales of life during that time, that era. Every stately home, every century old live oak has a story to tell.

  We are MGCParanormal, a group of like minded friends and family that want to discover those stories and pass them on to future generations. Based in South Mississippi, we investigate the paranormal locally and in the Tri-State area. All of our services are FREE.  Please browse our site and use the Contact Form for all inquiries and requests.

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We will be using these donations to help with the upkeep of our equipment and to help purchase better equipment. This way we can provide the best evidence possible for our clients.

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MGCParanormal: First Group Ever Allowed to Investigate


The Last Home of Confederate President

Jefferson Davis

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